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As a fellow homeschooler, I am uniquely positioned to help you on your journey to college. I started homeschooling in 1998 and am still at it. My youngest son will graduate from high school in 2023.


The needs of homeschoolers with college-bound students vary. Having schooled my children in various settings, I can help you determine course sequences that line up well with your child’s fields of interest/potential majors. I’ll help you prepare and evaluate your transcripts and recommendations. I will help your student determine what extracurriculars to pursue and showcase those accomplishments, including those the student might not recognize, such as those related to their family responsibilities.


I encourage you to explore my College Success Program. By having me work with your children, you will gain peace of mind and spare yourself a great many hours of research. Moreover, you won’t be experimenting with your child. Working with a mentor helps students develop and practice skills that they will need in high school and beyond. Tracking and keeping appointments, advocating for themselves, and growing and developing a professional relationship are among them. I encourage you to explore further on the College Planning Services page. ( See Link )  


For those who have a modest budget or who prefer to do the research and work themselves but have guidance in order to avoid mistakes and not miss opportunities, I invite you to use our College Success DIY Mentoring Program. ( See Link )


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Here’s a picture of five of my children and I from a few years ago.

I have homeschooled my six children, for the most part, since 1998. Over the years, I have done everything from written my own curriculum to putting together my own classical curriculum to being part of an umbrella school and using their curriculum through a charter for a few years, then back to putting together my own curriculum again using mostly online courses. It’s been quite a journey. From teaching every subject in depth to my oldest son to being a single mom running my consulting practice full time and using online courses for my youngest son and only teaching a few subjects myself.


If you lead a homeschool group or curriculum provider, please see the group service offerings on the School Services. ( See Link )

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CATHOLIC HOMESCHOOLERS will be interested in the college guide Katherine has created. It includes all schools teaching in English with strong Catholic communities on campus, including Newman recommended schools, colleges with Catholic dorms, top Catholic Newman Centers, and FOCUS or St. Paul’s Outreach Missionaries on campus.


The guide includes an exhaustive index by major as well as complete information on each college and university, including admissions, costs, aid, academics, and campus ministry offerings, including the name and contact information of the chaplain and/or director of campus ministry. The Guide may be purchased on Amazon or here.

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Helping Families

“This past school year my senior son and I have worked closely with Katherine O’Brien of Celtic College Consultants.  Katherine has been a tremendous help, offering aid in evaluating career choices, researching universities which previously had not been on our radar, and putting me—a home school mother—at ease in my new role as high school guidance counselor.  Katherine’s extensive experience as a college admissions consultant gave our family intimate knowledge of what schools are looking for.  Especially as a homeschooling family, we were not aware of how transcripts and other supporting documents should be prepared.  Katherine was a great help in providing templates and advising us on document preparation.  Most importantly, her assistance with my son was priceless.  She provided him with timelines for deadlines and weekly “to dos” to meet those deadlines.  Additionally, she was a tremendous aid in proof reading essays and offering suggestions to make those essays “pop” off the page.  With Katherine’s partnership, my son was accepted at all seven of the schools to which he applied.  She made a daunting year-long task into a manageable, step-by-step process, which culminated in a happy ending.  For this we are especially grateful.” 

– Monica Trainor, Homeschooler