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"Three Pillars of College Success"

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We’ll create a results driven, common sense college prep strategy for your student. 

Savvy College Selection, the Second Pillar of the College Success 

Savvy College Selection is the second pillar of the College Success Program. Selecting colleges where students will thrive, where they’ll have the opportunities they need for personal, academic, spiritual, and professional development, and which meet the family’s financial requirements is essential. Successfully positioning the student for scholarships and honors programs strongly correlates to savvy college selection. Students will have more college options by expanding and balancing their list to include several more colleges and universities. This will enable them to have several options to choose from, which will boost confidence and empower each student to ensure that his or her chosen college has all the attributes that make it an ideal learning environment for him or her. 

Together, Premier Student Preparation + Savvy College Selection, & Abundant Funding create College Success!

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Join the college success program!

We want your student to become a member of the Celtic College Consultants family. To begin, we invite you to have an introductory consultation with Katherine. The consultation fee is $250. During your one hour meeting, you’ll get your questions answered and Katherine will provide recommendations for your student’s personalized college success program. Introductory consultations are a one-time-only offer for students in grades 8 through 12. Students attend the consultation along with their parents. Katherine does not offer free private consultations. Our cancellation and rescheduling policy applies to the introductory consultation appointment.