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"Three Pillars of College Success"

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We’ll create a results driven, common sense college prep strategy for your student. 

Premier Student Preparation is first of

the three pillars of the College Success

Every student needs effective study skills for high school and more advanced skills for success on campus. Additionally, they must develop time & money management, relationship, and other life skills to support their success in the classroom. Because these skills are so essential to college success, they are included in all of our college success programs.


Students must be well prepared in order to make the most of the opportunities their college presents. Student preparation begins with developing self-knowledge and authentic self-confidence. As students progress, leadership traits will be developed and strengthened. Life skills will be fostered so students are ready to be independent young adults when they arrive on campus. 


Katherine works with each student to help him or her become a person of good character who acts in integrity. Students learn to take responsibility for their calendars, their chores, and their activities. She coaches them as they move into leadership roles. She shares anxiety reducing strategies, project planning techniques, time management, procrastination busters, organization, and many other useful skills.


It takes time to prepare a student and there are many aspects to that preparation, which is folded into the monthly sessions Katherine holds with each student.  While she is guiding them through resume creation, career exploration, and the other overt college prep steps, Katherine is also teaching students study skills, leadership skills, and other personal skills. Additionally, during senior year, after the applications are submitted, Katherine works with each senior, going over life and college specific skills so each student is ready to succeed as soon as s/he arrives on campus.

Adolescence is a chaotic period in most students' lives and sometimes they need help maximizing their potential. Katherine supports and guide students through the process of self-exploration to personal goal setting. This is often called life coaching. It’s so essential to student success that it is seamlessly integrated into our student preparation services.

Please note: While we strive to help all students that come to us for assistance, our staff may not have the training to aide those with special needs. We will assist as much as we can by making referrals to a specialized source for those students outside our expertise.

Together, Premier Student Preparation + Savvy College Selection, & Abundant Funding create College Success!

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Join The college Success program Now

We want your student to become a member of the Celtic College Consultants family. To begin, we invite you to have an introductory consultation with Katherine. The consultation fee is $250. During your one hour meeting, you’ll get your questions answered and Katherine will provide recommendations for your student’s personalized college success program. Introductory consultations are a one-time-only offer for students in grades 8 through 12. Students attend the consultation along with their parents. Katherine does not offer free private consultations. Our cancellation and rescheduling policy applies to the introductory consultation appointment.