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"Three Pillars of College Success"

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We’ll create a results driven, common sense college prep strategy for your student. 

The decision to send a child to college is one of the biggest decisions a family with ever make. College bound students and parents have many tasks to tend to during this process including exploring and selecting careers, majors, and schools as well as choosing courses, extracurricular activities, as well as applying for admissions, not to mention creating a plan to cover the costs. Katherine provides college planning services that encompass all of these and can start helping you plan your future as early as 8th grade.


We offer three levels of service to suit the needs of every college bound family with students in grades 8 through 12.

Together, Premier Student Preparation + Savvy College Selection, & Abundant Funding create College Success!

Join the College Success Club Now

Step 1: Introductory College Prep Consultation

We want your student to become a member of the Celtic College Consultants family. To begin, we invite you to have an introductory consultation with Katherine. The consultation fee is $250. Introductory consultations are a one-time only offer for students in grades 8 through 12 (students attend the consultation along with their parents.) Katherine does not offer free private appointment consultations. Our cancellation and rescheduling policy applies to the introductory consultation appointment.


Members receive discounts on test prep, essay coaching, and financial aid form prep services.


Step 2: Recommendation Discussion


After your consultation, we will prepare written recommendations for college success based on the needs of your family as well as our professional expertise. This recommendation will be explained in detail during a second meeting.

Step 3: Get Started


Once you’ve decided which of our recommendations you’d like to follow first, we will schedule your student’s first meeting!



College Success Program Options

We offer three levels of service to suit the needs of every college bound family with students in grades 8 through 12.

Our 2015 – 2020 College Success Program Students were offered an average of over $235,000 each in scholarships.

Hourly Services

We also offer college planning services on an hourly basis for students grades 8 through 12. Katherine will help students with college planning on an as-needed basis at $250 per hour for any non-member students. She highly recommends joining the College Success Club to get the best possible service for your college-bound student.

Already graduated from high school? Want to start or transfer college?

Hourly rate with Katherine: $250 (50% off for all Celtic College Consultants previous college planning clients

Want to create powerful

application essays?

The essay is THE part of your application where you can separate yourself from other applicants with similar academic credentials. Consequently, essay coaching is essential.

Planning to take the ACT, PSAT, or SAT to qualify for Scholarships?

Three to six months of purposeful, well-directed preparation is ideal to help students do their best. While many admissions offices have adopted test-optional policies, many, many scholarships require strong test scores. We offer 20% off ePrep’s excellent online test prep courses. Contact us for referrals to tutors if desired.

Need help with College Funding and/or Financial Aid Eligibility?

Making college affordable is a complex process. For more information on our funding and aid services at our 

Just want Mentoring for the

College Prep Journey?

Some families prefer to do the majority of the work themselves but want to avoid wasting hours and hours researching the wrong things. They want to avoid overlooking opportunities and failing to recognize red flags, as well.