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"Three Pillars of College Success"

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We’ll create a results driven, common sense college prep strategy for your student. 

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It’s NOT college success if the family goes broke in the process!


Many families depend on need-based aid to assist them with college costs. However, most families have absolutely no idea how their situation is assessed. Katherine will review your tax return and list of assets and identify the opportunities you have to increase your need-based aid eligibility.


Secondly, given the high costs of some colleges, many affluent families now qualify for need-based aid. For those who don’t, Katherine will provide tips and strategies for increasing your available funds to meet college expenses.


A College Financial Aid Evaluation and Aid Maximization and Funding Strategy advice is included in our College Success Program. All three parts of the program work together to create success. Both student preparation and college selection impact college costs and funding opportunities, in addition to the strictly financial strategies.

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We offer 3 levels of membership to suit the needs of every college bound family with students in grades 8 through 12. Put your family on the path to college success today!

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We want your student to become a member of the Celtic College Consultants family. To begin, we invite you to have an introductory consultation with Katherine. The consultation fee is $250. During your one hour meeting, you’ll get your questions answered and Katherine will provide recommendations for your student’s personalized college success program. Introductory consultations are a one-time-only offer for students in grades 8 through 12. Students attend the consultation along with their parents. Katherine does not offer free private consultations. Our cancellation and rescheduling policy applies to the introductory consultation appointment.