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Having Clear Well Considered College Goals is Key to Staying out of

Excessive Debt & Graduating in Four Years

For over a decade, the average time American students have taken to earn a 4 year bachelors degree has been SIX years. Nearly 60% take more than four years! Approximately 25% or one in four college students transfers from one college to another during their college career. Most of the time, transfer students find that their new college will not accept all of the credits earned at their previous institution. About one-third of college students change their majors at least once and 10% change them more than once. Changing majors can make it necessary to stay in college for an additional semester or two while you make up courses that are required for your new major. It can mean taking courses over the summer, or carrying a heavier course load while you are in school. All those activities cost money and can add to the stress of completing a college degree. Lastly, most student loan debt is incurred after the fourth year, since scholarships and other aid has run out.


The College Success Program includes a Career Exploration Program. Students use the highly valued and widely used in college career offices program, FOCUS2Career. FOCUS2Career uses the Work Interests/Holland combined with the students values, skills, personality, and leisure interests to identify matching careers. Additionally, Katherine uses additional assessments to identify personality traits. All of this information is used along with academic strengths to help students identify, explore, and select possible careers. Every effort is made to thoroughly explore possible careers and majors so clear college goals can be made. During this process, students gain valuable experience they can apply during their college years as they seek further validation of their choice or to clarify and adjust their choice. Making the change from closely related majors results in far fewer additional course requirements than radical changes where most of the preliminary courses taken will not apply to the new major.

Making College Success A Reality, One Student At A Time

"Three Pillars of College Success"

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We’ll create a results driven, common sense college prep strategy for your student. 

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We want your student to become a member of the Celtic College Consultants family. To begin, we invite you to have an introductory consultation with Katherine. The consultation fee is $250. During your one hour meeting, you’ll get your questions answered and Katherine will provide recommendations for your student’s personalized college success program. Introductory consultations are a one-time-only offer for students in grades 8 through 12. Students attend the consultation along with their parents. Katherine does not offer free private consultations. Our cancellation and rescheduling policy applies to the introductory consultation appointment.